Meeting Grounds

In the physical form of a mobile trailer, Meeting Grounds is an year-long artistic project that operates as an assembly point to collectively explore, articulate and question the current functions of planned urban space, shared public resources and technological advancements in the city of Eindhoven. In doing so, this year-long programme of meetups and events - split across four key locations of the city - aims to activate the social and ethical foundations of the sites in which we enjoy our cultural lives, and establish a common ground in doing so. The first edition of Meeting Grounds is De Bibliotheek Eindhoven. Known locally as the city’s “living room”, the Eindhoven Public Library offers access to shared, communal spaces that respond to a multitude of the public needs. As a result, De Bibliotheek Eindhoven facilitates the exchange of knowledge and resources between its diverse users and publics, in turn providing key social infrastructure to the city of Eindhoven. In response to this, Meeting Grounds aims to examine De Bibliotheek Eindhoven both as a communal space and as a knowledge resource and explore how the public library successfully serves multiple public interests as a public space. Through a series of workshops, meet-ups, talks, tours, labs, collective readings sessions and more - all surrounding the topics of library-spaces and readership, Meeting Grounds will delve into the numerous functions the public library provides as both a physical and symbolic space, to further understand the library as a space for community building, collective exchange, social cohesion and preservation within and across the city of Eindhoven.

2020; for Onomatopee Projects, curated by Amy Gowen