Children in Za'atari – Visual Reader

In times of unprecedented human displacement, human dignity and proper living conditions are not guaranteed for millions of people. Fleeing — no matter for what reason — is a transitional status, a hopeful expectation for a change, withstanding the unbearable for a new live. Za’atari is a refugee camp in Jordan which is now turning little by little into a perpetual home for thousands of people. It is one of the biggest refu­gee camps in the world and one of the biggest cities in Jordan. The visual reader is dealing with the photojournalistic representation of children in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Therefor it is setting the „Za’atari Project“ made by NOOR into context to underline the importance of photojournalism in this area. The second part introduces the NOOR pro­ject and the four photographers being involved and following it up with a stylistic and thematic comparison of the photographers work in Za’atari.

2018; together with Ines Glowania; Supervision: Delphine Bedel, In collaboration with NOOR images, Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Alixandra Fazzina and Stanley Greene, Design Academy Eindhoven; Printed on Betty at the American Book Center, Amsterdam