Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression is a defined human right as article 19 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nevertheless world wide more than 170 journalists are in captivity.
This publication focuses on the situation in Turkey — the country with almost the most people imprisoned. The aim is to raise awareness and show the importance of the rights we have.
Facts, as information about our rights and defined happenings such as the Coup Attempt in Turkey 2016 are overlaid by a timeline from 2014 to 2018, containing all names of journalists imprisoned in turkey. The pages are interrupted by black and white images of different journalists while they are arrested. The pictures are not fully visible: they highlight the fact that these people are locked up and taken away from their daily life. Each half of the pages seem surreal and more like a friendly way of walking — highlighting the fact that president Erdogan describe his country as free. By holding up the separating pages the fully picture will be shown. But also by connecting different pictures the scope of how many people are arrested is supported. The last part are leaflets with cases reading press freedom in turkey. They are not connected to the publication — invite the reader to take them out, put them on the wall, reorganize them or add more

2018; Design Academy Eindhoven