The Future of our Consumer Society

Research about social comparison and status desire in relation with loyalty programs. We as human beings have the constant need to compare with each other. These comparisons about our own status influences our gratification with our life — each individual affected differently. Companies take advantage of people’s desire for status, and design loyalty programs that respond on this need. But Loyalty programs are increasingly segregating the customers. The hierarchy they are creating is either based on the customer’s prosperity or their professional success. In many cases benefits such as premium services are not even connected with any expenses for the company. The simple reason is to flatter the higher positioned. Especially the loyalty programs of airlines such as Lufthansa create an immense gap between their different tiers. The perceptions of status, relating to loyalty programmes is influenced by the industry. Supermarkets are currently less exclusive and generate a different status effect. But what if they created the same status effect? What if this system is implemented to our daily routines, encouraging the basic concept of comparing different social classes in something that is daily that will highlight this systems flaws in social segregation.

2018; Design Academy Eindhoven